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Improving The ROI of BDD by Establishing Best Practices and Removing Anti Patterns Specially For Mobile Teams

BDD(Behaviour Driven Development) has been in the industry for many years. But many teams are still struggling to see the actual value of it. This talk will focus on good practices and anti-patterns specially with reference to Mobile teams. This will also focus on how to leverage Development technologies like XCUITTest and Espresso for improving testing and BDD in overall.


All About API/Microservices Testing With Gatling

Microservice architecture/development popularity has increased for Mobile, Web or UI based on Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence in terms of business oriented development in small single responsibility components. 

Testing API/Microservice have become crucial, Not just a functional aspect needs to be thought through to test it but also requires thorough tests from integration, non-functional, security & operational aspects.

In this talk, We will uncover how we could utilize the power of Gatling to test Microservices from functional, non-functional and touch of operational testing . We will also touch base on performing user driven non-functional (performance) automated tests and how to simulate the real user traffic in tests as monitored or captured by Goggle Analytics like tools.

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