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Cypress Book (*Novice to *Expert)


The ultimate cypress Test Automation book embarks on a journey from novice to Cypress mastery. It shares successful implementations of practical solutions in Cypress which were gathered over a few years of working with this tool. It is intended for anyone with a partial or a basic understanding of Node.

The book aims to demonstrate that Cypress can not only be used to test front-end, but also can richly cover back-end and non-functional testing.

Front-end testing

Any application that is on the presentation layer or client side or graphic user interface (GUI) is covered by this test.

These are the types of tests that are included in the front-end tests part of this book:

  • Web Testing

  • Cross Browser Testing

  • Accessibility Testing

  • Visual Testing

Back-end testing

Any application or service or API (Application Programming Interface) that is at the data layer or server side or database is covered by this test.

These are the types of tests that are included in the back-end tests part of this book:

  • API Testing

  • Database Testing

Non-Functional testing

The other important aspects of application quality beyond functionality are performance i.e. measuring the time to complete the desired action under different load, accuracy, stability, accuracy and durability under various conditions.

This is the type of test that is included in the non-functional tests part of this book:

  • Client Side Performance Testing


The book showcases various examples to substantiate the power of Cypress in addressing all test types, while building a test automation framework. Not only is it efficient in building effective end to end test coverage, but it can be implemented in the form of component or integration test frameworks too.

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