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New course on Udemy "Database Testing and sql for testers"

The objective of this course is to teach Database Testing concepts and accomplishing Database testing goals with SQL.

Most modern applications create data in backend databases and hence knowing SQL is an essential skill for testers. The course starts with an introduction to Database testing concepts first followed by SQL and finally explains how SQL can be used as a tool to perform effective Database testing.

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the top popular RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) existing in today's market and hence a large number of organisations are expecting the testers to be proficient in t-SQL which is the SQL for Microsoft SQL Server.

This course starts with an introduction to DB testing, explains how Software testing techniques like Blackbox and Whitebox testing techniques can be applied in Database testing.

It also covers most of the SQL concepts that testers will need on a day to day life like

  • Creating database entities e.g. Database, Table etc,

  • Select, Update and Insert statements,


  • Aggregate Functions like SUM, AVG, MAX,MIN etc.

  • Joins and Unions

  • Operators like And and Or Then finally it covers how Database testing can be effectively accomplished by using SQL. Check out the course here Database Testing and SQL for Testers

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