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Stop implementing BDD incorrectly

In one of the tech sessions I attended last year, there was a question from one of the attendees. The question was "Should we write cypress tests in BDD Given-When-Then format or native cypress format?".

The question is not really correct and the reason is, BDD is not a testing process but a mini SDLC process in itself whose core aspect is collaboration. Though more than a decade has passed since the birth of BDD, the understanding and implementation still has not matured. Majority of BDD scenarios are being written in terms of user actions instead of value-focused business scenarios (e.g. when the user clicks, selects a value from the drop down etc).

The two invaluable resources which teach implementation of BDD correctly are books namely

Test Automation engineers and organisations who are serious about implementing BDD correctly must refer these two resources.

A picture from BDD in action which illustrates BDD life cycle clearly is the following.

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