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Why Accessibility is important for the online businesses?

Working at a major media company, I learned that accessibility is not just for people with disabilities, but also for children who have just started learning or people with language barriers and much more. The website or APP must be user-friendly and comfortable for everyone browsing the application, regardless of their disability.

There are legal policies in place to make the website compliant of accessibility standards such as WCAG ( Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ) and ADA . I have seen companies lose millions due to accessibility flaws as in the case of Domino's :

To support accessibility requirements, there are several types of functional technology tools that facilitate navigation and interaction with a website's content, for example screen reader.

There is a chrome plugin axe that helps to identify accessibility violations on websites.

There is also a famous open source test automation framework PA11Y , which lets you improve & automate accessibility test journeys for the website.

cypress also has a support to test accessibility. There are 2 plugins which support cypress to conduct automated accessibility tests are:

Checkout "The Ultimate Cypress Test Automation Book" for the working examples of Accessibility Testing with Cypress.


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